Information On The Website

Trinomix would share no private information without your permission. We guarantee that, unless legally required to do so (such as by a court order or subpoena), we will not sell, barter, trade, or distribute your personal data outside the company. Having a good relationship with our clients is something we believe in.

We promise that - except where required by law - we will keep all information gathered private and used only to ensure you are being treated in a way that provides you with the best customer service experience possible.

Data Security Compliance

We always respect our customers' privacy and place extreme importance on securing any personal information you share with us. Here at Trinomix , we believe that the security of your data is crucial to ensure that all of your personal information and interactions remain confidential at all times. For keeping an account with us, we'll not only protect your identity but also deliver secure online transactions as well!

User Information

Look! We collect information about our web visitors indirectly through a great big cookie. When you access Trinomix, the browser’s domain name and Internet address are automatically collected by us after you’ve had some fun with the blockchain and placed in our cookie jar (internet access logs).

We use this information to learn which sections of our website you’re most interested in, as well as what parts of our site are interesting to you so we can serve up even more fun from exciting new partners!

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights may protect the products, technology, and services described on this site, as explained. We will not automatically consider you to be the owner or licensee of information that is text-based, but we request you to act with integrity and respect when using it.

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